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Archos Sense 55dc Review – Dual camera & fingerprints scanner


The French company remains loyal to its line and continues to rely on extremely price-aggressive smartphones. It is always exciting to see how the low-budget mobile phones beat, because their performance is always good to see how the current price developments are ordered. Regarding the equipment list, the Sense 55dc has some to show, but is not completely protected from criticism.

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The design concept of the Sense 55dc can be seen in black simplicity with elegant curves. On the front side there are no buttons, the metal backside shows as the only conspicuousness two lenses, which do not plan with the housing.


Above and below the lush 5.5 “display, the space is bypassed, so the smartphone has been very long. The touchscreen itself has a resolution of 720 x 1,280 pixels. The IPS display is ok, but does not offer such a crisp color reproduction and brilliance as other screens. The processing quality is however satisfactory and there are no unclean material transitions to be recognized.

The camera resolution of 13 megapixels has meanwhile become almost already lower standard. What with the main camera strongly noticed is the overall quite dark illumination, which one in the post-processing something can correct. In weak light, the photos also tend to be slightly faded. Measured at the favorable price, the quality of the photos is still okay, especially since self-reliant ones with up to 5 megapixels are archived.

The internal memory space of 16 GB has quickly evaporated, so the microSD slot must help. For almost 200 euros, there is even a fingerprint sensor and dual SIM. Data interfaces with the highest version and NFC are missing.

Not bad: Android 7 is already on board. However, we have to criticize the setup and handling: It is surprising that apps are downloaded but not displayed. Since there is also no App Drawer, you have therefore only access via search functions to the downloads. Widgets can be set up, but they only provide direct access to specific functions.

The fact that a fingerprints scanner is present is of course advantageous in this price class. However, he is not very reliable and the fastest is not. It is good that the display can display the main menus also transversely.


The 1.5 GHz quad-core processor Mediatek MT6737 should be sufficient to provide a good working performance, but the Praxistest quickly reveals that the interaction with Android 7.0 does not work smoothly. Even with text and number input, delays occur. One reason could also be that 2 GB of memory is no longer sufficient for this architecture. Either way, the performance is below average and you should not expect the smartphone too much.

Also the Akkuleistung is rather weak, because already after two days is the end. Although the battery capacity is 3,000 mAh, the power management is obviously not perfectly balanced. One reason for this can also be the permanent advertising advertisements. Tip: Do not release the third-party software and deactivate the (aggressive) news app NewsRepublic so as not to become “spammed” and spare the battery. The Archos Sense 55dc supports USB-C, but the charge is not very fast.

In the case of telephone calls, one point is particularly negative: it is quite quiet. If there is also a dull sound in bad connections, it becomes difficult with the communication.

Surprisingly, the Archos offers even stereo speakers, which however on one side of the device are accommodated. At a high level, the sound is slightly crooked.



Good does not have to be expensive – or is it? We are not quite happy with the Archos Sense 55dc, although the specifications of the smartphone sound promising. Above all the tough working tempo and some quirks in the handling disturb in the everyday life. Sure, at 200 euros EIA savings are unavoidable, but at least the basic trade should dominate every smartphone Anno 2017, and this is not fully given here.

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