The price of the LG V30 comes to light

lg v30 price

To determine if a cell phone we like at all or if we want to buy it (or we can), the price is a key factor to consider. And if a few days ago we were talking about the new LG V30, today we can confirm the price of the LG V30.

Price of the LG V30

The guys from LG have presented us this spectacular mobile at the IFA 2017 Berlin. We like it in all aspects for its elegant design and performance, but it lacked to know one of the most important data when a mobile comes to light (especially if it is Android): its price.

This is a smartphone that is raising passions and causing fury, especially for its OLED screen in the V30. The company is putting a lot of emphasis on this terminal, and it sure is not by chance.

 Did you hear about the LG Twitter raffle where you gave away 3 LG V30 units?

In case you did not know, LG guys launched a contest on Twitter in which they simply watered 3 units of the LG v30. This made us suppose in some way the final and real price of the LG V30. Because in addition, in Facebook we could see the own terms and conditions. From here, we could deduce that the approximate value of the LG V30 is $ 749.99, a price that fits with what could cost the new device of the company given its performance and the price of LG G6.

Everything indicates that the price of the LG V30 would be $749.99

If you plan to buy this new smartphone, save at least 750 euros because its price would be between 700 and 800 euros practically safe. Although LG has not confirmed the price officially, with this contest, we have been able to see it in terms and it does not seem to be to mislead users, but it is totally true.

So nothing, as we have more information update the article, but stick with this data for the price of LG V30 ($ 749) , is almost certain.

Would you buy the new LG V30 costing $750 ? You can give us your opinion below, from the comments.

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