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Has LG lied about opening the camera of the LG V30?

The LG V30 is one of the most outstanding phones that will hit the market in the second half of the year. The new high end of the Korean brand has the potential to do very well in the market. And it may well improve the economic results of the company, which is not going through its best moment in the telephony division. The camera of the device is being something much discussed so far.

Many have commented that this is one of the best cameras there is currently. In fact, LG G6 users want to have it. But there has been a small controversy that refers to the camera phone. More specifically to the opening of his camera. LG gave the wrong information as some sources claim. That’s right?

What is the aperture of the camera?

LG has stated at all times that the device’s camera aperture is f / 1.6. This is an opening identical to other high-end devices on the market today. But, it seems that the reality is different according to some media. The Korean company has not given the correct information in this case. Many online voices have commented that the opening is actually f / 1.7, so they accuse LG of lying in this case. Is this true?

A few hours ago on the networks has begun to spread the rumor that said the opening of the camera of the LG V30 was really f / 1.69, so it is a value much closer to 1.7 than the 1.6 that the company claims . This rumor has not been slow in expanding and has managed to create enough controversy in the networks. Although, all these rumors and controversies have been in vain. Why? Because when taking pictures with the LG V30 you can check the EXIF ​​data of the photos. In them you can see the opening of the camera.

And this data leaves no doubt. The opening of the camera of the LG V30 is really f / 1.6. Therefore, LG has not lied at any time to users. And it seems that the origin of the problem is already known. Apparently, there has been a software failure in the pre-production units of the device that have incorrectly recorded the camera opening. So in short, LG has not lied about the opening of the camera. And we can say that the opening of the camera of the LG V30 is f / 1.6 as the Korean company had stated.

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