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How long does the battery last for the LG V30?

How long does the battery of LG V30? Before buying a mobile phone we like to answer all the doubts that arise about it to know if it is a round purchase. If yesterday we talked about the price of the LG V30, today we bring you a post about the battery life on the LG V30. It is one of the data that still matter most today, because although smartphones have improved considerably, one of its strong sections and is still pending improvement is the battery.

How long is the battery of the LG V30

If before buying this mobile you want to know the battery life of the LG V30, the Phandroid guys have shared it with us. So do not go, because we are going to show you in this article.

The LG V30 is a smartphone equipped with a battery of 3.300 mAh and is not removable. Curiously it is the same size as the LG G6 and larger than the previous model, the LG V20.

In this test, the battery was monitored  during the first day of use of the LG V30. The results are very positive:

LG V30 Battery Life Test

The Phandroid boy who did the test, loaded it until 8 o’clock in the morning. He began to use it from that moment and the battery did not exhaust itself, nor when it went to bed about 00:00 hours of the night. This confirms that the battery of the LG V30 holds the day, but we will tell you more:

The user who carried out these tests used the mobile with normal use during the day. He spent a lot of time at the desk while he worked, but he used it more intensely at night. He also says he did not use Always-on, but I do use the brightness of the screen in the automatic mode.

You can see the evolution of the battery in the lg v30 in the following screenshots:

lg v30 battery life

In short, the experience with the battery life in the LG V30 was better than with the G5 and LG V20. Good news, so quiet, because this is a device that has a good battery, ready to endure the day without problems.

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