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Google Maps adds Picture in Picture mode to Android Oreo

Google Maps has introduced a lot of changes in recent weeks. All of them for the better, it must be said. The most recent of these changes was the one that allows the local guides upload videos in the application. Although it has not been by far the only one presented this summer in the Google application. Also announced in the middle of summer an interesting agreement with BlaBlaCar, which certainly seeks to enhance the operation of both applications.

Now, Google Maps announces a new and important change. The application adds Picture in Picture mode for Android Oreo. In addition, some new parking functions are presented. Interesting news. We will tell you more below.google maps tricks 2017

Picture in Picture Mode

Actually, PIP Mode was already introduced in the previous Google Maps update. In version 9.59, but due to a failure did not work properly so that users could not enjoy this new feature. Now, with the arrival of the new update, version 9.60, the Picture in Picture mode is already definitively entered into the application. Although, it is available only to those users who may or may have been upgraded to Android Oreo. Something that limits this function to a few models (Pixel and Nexus).

The so-called Picture in Picture mode is a term that sure sounds to you. We have heard enough throughout the year. Now it’s Google Maps that adds to this trend. In the case of the Google application, if we activate the PIP mode, what users find is a window in which we see Google Maps. But in addition to that, we find the turn indicator, the road we are traveling at the time and the estimated time of arrival. In this way the user has much more information of utility and importance available.

In addition to this novelty, has introduced a new feature that makes it easy to find a place where you can park your car. With each new update being made, Google Maps improves significantly. They are becoming an application of the most complete and essential for many users. What do you think about these new features in Google Maps?

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