Wave brow, the viral that everyone talks about on Instagram

Wave brow

Had you heard about the viral wave wave before? It is clear that there are strange fashions that do not stop surprising us, the latter is leaving us of stone. So if you are an addict to social networks and especially to Instagram, you can not miss it, because you can even try it yourself …

Wave brow is the new eyebrow style that is sweeping on social networks. If we have seen all kinds of crazy, this is not exactly aggressive … what yes, is quite curious. In the main photo you can see clearly, but we share more:

Wave brow

Wave brow, the new viral challenge

There are several beauty bloggers who have surprised us on Instagram with a new style of eyebrows that have become viral at the moment. It is clear that there are trends for everything, but this has left us stone.

How did it come about? Who was the pioneer?

The trend made it trendy  Promise Tamab. She is the young inventor of this style of eyebrows. She is an expert in all kinds of beauty topics. And one day, he had the great idea of painting wavy lines with his eyebrows.

Since she was an influencer on beauty issues, many users who followed her began to “copy” their style in some way. Because there is no doubt that it draws attention (just not to go out to the street …), but to take some fun and different photos and upload them to Instagram. In addition, many people even consider them flattering (although this is already gold theme).

Wave brow

What yes, many women, after seeing this fashion of the Wave brow, began to paint these wavy lines on their eyebrows and to surprise with incredible photos.

How can I join the viral challenge of Wave brow?

You just have to put some waves on your eyebrows. Or rather, draw your eyebrows with waves, instead of “straight”. You can take a look at all the photos that are being shared on social networks and that have to do with this new viral challenge.

Wave brow

Eye, because it is a trend that has spread like foam by USA. What do you think? Do you like this new trend of Instagram’s wavy eyebrows? Do you join the viral challenge of Wave Brow?


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