Cop Rose X5 Smart Window Cleaning Robot Cleaner Review for $139.99

Vacuum suction robots are now familiar to everyone and almost old school, the latest trend among the household appliances is the Cop Rose window cleaning robot! We have thoroughly tested the robot for dirty windows and tiles.

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Power 80 W
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 29.0 x 14.2 x 1.5 cm
Control modes App, remote control, automatic
Delivery 1 x robot, 1 x remote control, 12 x round cloth, 2 x rings for cloths, 1 x extension cable, 1 x fuse cable, 1 x English manual

Performance and features

The robot is able to hold itself by vacuum with its weight of 2.3 kg on a glass disc (similar to the vacuum car ) and can thus drive vertically along the disc. Here is a shortcoming directly anticipated: The robot can only be used with the supplied charging cable and must be supplied with current continuously. After all, there must be no socket for the operation right next to the windows, since the charging cable with the extension cord also supplied is loosely over 10 meters long, which can however also be a tripping trap.

Cop Rose window cleaning robot cleans the window
The Cop Rose cleans the windows only when it is powered by the supplied charging cable

Start the window cleaning robot

The robot is simply started using the “Start” button on the robot itself or via the remote control. On the remote control, three different wiping modes can be set, either the wiper robot runs a route from top to bottom or from left or right. This worked quite well in our test, with slight response delays. However, the manual control by the remote control turned out to be weak. If the robot responded, then only with great delay. If you want to quickly remove a single spot from a slice or tile, it is recommended to start the wipe robot directly on the spot and not to steer from there.

Cop Rose wipe robot button operation
The automatic operation can also be controlled via the buttons on the robot in addition to the app and remote control

According to the technical data sheet, the speed during the autonomous cleaning process should be 2.5 min / m², which is not the case in practice. The window cleaning robot works cleanly and accurately, but takes very long to get a window pane clean. In this case, the larger a disk, the more productive and faster the robot operates, since it does less direction change due to less frequent hitting at the edges. The quite slow speed depends also on the accuracy, he drives a place frequently several times, but the worn windows after the cleaning process but also flashy-clean. Not so nice is the loud noise of Cop Rose. It is practical, however, that he can report a window with a beep.

Cop Rose window cleaning robot underside
Besides the control by remote control, the Cop Rose can also be directed by app

Is there a ne app for this?

Yes there is. 🙂The Cop Rose can also be controlled by app ( Android , iOS ), which is however due to the included remote included as something superfluous. Especially because the control does not work better than with the remote control. Anyone who wants to gain an impression can take a look at the screenshots:

Clever is the installed security system that holds the window cleaning robot at the window when the power should fail because the charge cable has flown out or the like. The robot emits a sound signal and flashes red. It takes 20 minutes to recharge it or remove it from the disk. If you are not familiar with the system, you can also protect the small robot from falling with the safety cable. Every now and then the towels (four pieces in the scope of delivery) have to be replaced or cleaned. The latter can be done simply in the washing machine.

View the cop rose

Even though in our test on the window panes without error messages came out, one would still want to know, where a problem comes from when it occurs or which deals with the wiping robot. Therefore here the individual luminous displays of the Cop Rose, which can be read off at its front:

  • White light: robot is in operation
  • Blue light: The robot is operating without special settings
  • Red light: malfunction detected
  • Yellow light: Charging is running
  • Green light: Charging completed
  • Flashing green light and steady yellow light: Battery charge is too low for operation and must be fully charged
  • Flashing red light and alarm: Faults during power supply (eg charging cable flown out)
  • Blinking blue and red light with alarm: hardware fault, robot may have to be repaired

The window cleaner will not replace the cop rose yet, but who has time and is really too lazy to clean the windows themselves, can think about the small plaster helps. As the first technological invention tested by us on this market we still find some weaknesses, but also many good approaches.

Alternative to the Cop Rose window cleaning robot

Since window cleaning robots (still) have not been positively received anywhere and have been able to establish themselves on the market, there are so far not many alternatives. Another model comes from the same company: The Cop Rose X6 window cleaning robot is the successor of the X5, currently costs even less than its predecessor and is due to its shapes strengths in the cleaning of corners and edges.

Cop Rose X6 window cleaning robot

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