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Haier XShuai T370 suction robot with app and Alexa control for $169.99

The Chinese manufacturer Haier is a global market leader in the field of household appliances (eg refrigerators), but smaller household appliances are also supposed to find their customers. With the  Haier XShuai T370 vacuum robot, a suction robot with high suction power and some features comes onto the market – and for small money.

Haier XShuai T370 Suction Robot Performance

Specifications of the Haier XShuai T370

Suction 1500 pa (comparison: Ainol A-S11 : 1200 pa, Xiaomi : 1800 pa)
Volume 60 dB
Battery pack 2600 mAh
Working hours 120 min.
Charging time 4-5 h
Dust chamber / water tank 0.3 l
Modes Wall, spot, automatic, planing, wiping function, S-Shaped
Dimensions 31.0 x 31.0 x 9.0 cm
Weight 2.76 Kg
Features Control with Alexa, app control, remote control, water tank

Purely visual, the suction robot makes a chic impression. The question is how well it is processed. The chosen colors could look cheap without good processing. The XShuai works with two brush heads (for example, the ILIFE V7S Pro works with  only one) and that for a  working time of 120 minutes. Funny: In the description stands, the suction robot would need 90 minutes to suck the apartment and 30 minutes (!) to find his charging station again. Let us hope that this is faster in practice. The display on the upper part of the vacuum cleaner makes it possible to see in which suction mode the robot is located. Various numerical combinations shown on the display support the reading of information. For example, error messages can be traced.

Haier XShuai T370 suction robot
From below: as used by other models

After a charging time of just under 5 h , the suction robot is ready for use. The app allows an analysis of the room  (via a built-in gyrosensor) in advance , the suction robot should remember and store the events (unlike the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner) can. Whether he can start from the app on the road is not clear from the technical data. Also not whether the current location in the four walls can be represented. This is also more of a gimmick than a feature with special added value. It is more practical to schedule the start time of the sucker using the remote control or the app. So he starts his ministry when you want it. Maybe when you’re out of the house. It  detects obstacles and the charging station, which is installed in the front part of the teat, via several  IR sensors. It also detects depths and heights and can thus escape the fall from the staircase.

Haier XShuai T370 suction robot navigation
Planned action vs. the XShuai cleverly divides the premises

The XShuai can also be controlled remotely. As in the app you can set the start time and select one of the four different modes. Strangely, the controls on the remote control can be counted on one hand. Therefore I dare to question the description, that each of the four modes can be adjusted via the remote control. With Amazons Alexa, the suction robot can also be started, scheduled and stopped again. For this, one must give the suction robot before a name and this Alexa communicate. Most users of a suction robot seem to give their little robotfriends one or other name, as the comments often show. 😉In which languages ​​the sucker listens, experience reports will have to show.

Haier XShuai T370 suction robot Alexa
To start the XShuai via Amazons Alexa, you have to give it a name before

Dealing with obstacles and modes

The Haier XShuai T370 can overcome obstacles up to a height of 1 cm, with gradients dadrüber should have problems. This also applies to most other suction robots. The  cleaning area is 120-150 m², which is in the range of the 2600 mAh battery and the corresponding working time of nearly two hours within the range of possible. Especially if the vacuum cleaner already knows the premises and goes according to schedule, the cleaning should be done quickly and efficiently. Despite the high suction power, only a volume of 60 dB is specified, which is a very good value in this context.

In addition to the automatic mode, which has plenty of potential thanks to the space planning on the app, the XShuai brings three more suction modes, two of which are already known from the ILIFE models. Via the wall function (in the picture below “Edge mode”), the suction robot deliberately removes walls. If the spot mode is selected, the teat rotates in larger circles around itself and thus removes larger piles of dust and dirt more efficiently. Placing the premises above the mode described in the “S-shaped mode” is particularly clever as the suction robot is more targeted than other models that simply take the premises as they are.
Haier XShuai T370 suction robot modes
Wall function, Spot mode, Space classification, Automatic mode: The suction modes of the XShuai TT370


For a vacuum robot with these technical data you do not have to dig deep into your pockets. Similar models can be found just below or above the €200 mark. The XShuai T370 is an interesting addition to the high suction power especially the whole package with the many features: App control, wiping function, four different suction modes and control via Alexa can be seen as a battle to the Xiaomi suction robot. Especially analyzing and storing the premises can be a huge plus for the automatic working of the vacuum cleaner. If it works. It is, of course, a matter of course, how the suction cup is in practice. What do you all mean? Shall we test the Haier XShuai T370?

Buy Haier XShuai T370 suction robot with app and Alexa control for $169.99

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