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Top 5 Best Bandless Heart Rate Monitors 2017

The measurement of heart rate is usually the basis of any training, because from it we can know our resistance, oxygenation and other issues that make us able to perform more or less intensive training.

For a long time the only way to measure the pulsations was with a chest band, which was quite annoying to use. The good thing is that nowadays they come the pulsometers without band or the pulsometers of wrist, that use optical sensors to take the pulsations of the wrist and thus to avoid to use the happy band.

TomTom Adventurer

Best pulsometers without band 2017

Among the available options is noteworthy this TomTom without belt band , a brand known for its maps and GPS devices. In this case, it is a device that integrates: wristwatch, GPS, audio player, barometer and what interests us most, a pulsometer without a band.

It has different modes of operation for different activities: hiking, trail running, skiing, snowboarding, racing and cycling; showing different measurements according to the type of activity that we are performing: altitude, distance 3D, rhythm, ascent, slope, calories burned and much more.

According to the manufacturer the battery lasts 24 hours and the device is water resistant up to 40 meters, which means it is ideal for adventures in all types of terrain and climate.

As additional to name counts with compass, altimeter and has capacity to store up to 3GB of music in MP3 or AAC format.

Garmin Forerunner 235

Best heartbeat without band 2017

We have a wrist heart rate monitor with several functions and a design with high definition color screen, which includes GPS, pulsometer without band and accelerometer, among other functions.

It allows you to monitor distance, rhythm, time and heart rate and make a real-time and daily count so that you have detailed statistics of your activity. With the option to customize the appearance with widget and other configuration options.

It has some indications that can help you to see the level of activity both when you are running, when you are out of activity or doing physical activity inside your house, counting steps and calories spent, giving you recommendations to return to physical activity, such as when you notice that you are more than an hour sitting.

By connecting to Garmin Connect, you can get and share statistics with other people on the network and also have the weather forecast and other notifications of your interest.

A battery life of up to 12 weeks in clock mode and 16 hours using the activity functions is estimated.

Fitbit Blaze

Bandless heart rate monitor

For those who do not want to be complicated with many functions, the manufacturer Fitbit, has this model that far from having GPS or advanced functions, focuses on the measurement of physical activity, thanks to its integrated wrist heart rate monitor.

It basically works as an activity bracelet, but integrates smartwatch functions, allowing you to connect to a Smartphone and receive calendar notifications, calls, messages, as well as mobile phone applications such as GPS.

It has the ability to detect the type of exercise you are doing, if you forget to record it and you can capture the distance, the calories burned, the minutes of activity, the activity for hours and the time of inactivity of the whole day. With the possibility of monitoring the dream and receive warnings for when you should move.

If you want something simple, that allows you to measure your activity without more this smartwatch with function of pulsometer without band is ideal for you. You can always use it with a Smartphone and expand its capacity.

Polar M200

Best Bandless Heart Rate Monitor

An intelligent watch that is able to receive notifications from a mobile and track your physical activity, thanks to the integrated wrist heart rate monitor and the GSP, which give you instructions to perform your training correctly. It is one of the best heart rate watches.

You can measure speed, distance and route with the built-in GPS, which is able to monitor your daily activity, measuring steps, calories, distance, time and sleep. With the additional possibility of measuring the heart rate with the heart rate monitor and perform a training based on it.

The battery is of 180 mAh, which gives a autonomy of 1 hour using GPS and pulsometer without notifications, if it connects to the mobile phone can last a little less. As you will see, it is not for activities that require a lot of time, but intensive training.

Within the available is an option to take into account if you want something to measure your activity and you do not have too many pretensions. To take into account the subject of the battery for if it suits you want it.

Beurer PM-15

Best pulsometers without band

It is an economical option for those who want to have a pulsometer without band, to see the heart rate without more. This gadget is basically a wristwatch, which in addition to containing the typical functions of date, time, stopwatch and alarm, has a heart rate monitor included.

Unlike the others, this watch does not have a pulsometer with continuous or automatic measurement, but it is manual. To measure the pulsations, you have to rest your finger on the surface of the clock, which contains a sensor that is used to measure the heart rate. Please note that it does not contain any type of registration.

The way to measure pulsations may not be the most comfortable, but it is an option for those who do not want a clock with activity or smartwatch functions. The clear advantage is that you do not have to worry about the battery because it can last for weeks.

Buy pulsometer without band

There is a lot of variety of pulsometers without bandwidth to choose from, from which it only has the function of measuring the heart rate, such as those that add smartwatch functions such as receive notifications from the mobile or others that have advanced GPS functions and activity tracking, with records and training or personalized alerts.

In the end it is a question of tastes and needs, according to the type of training you are going to use you can opt for a cheap sports watch with more or less options. The good thing is that they are tapeless heart rate clocks, so you do not have to put on the annoying pectoral band to train.

Decathlon heart rate meters are another good option.

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