Instagram users can now upload panoramic photos into albums

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, with millions of users worldwide. We have already told you about it on numerous occasions; a few days ago we told you that the Instagram stories for the mobile web version are now available.

If something has characterized Instagram since its inception is that users can only hang square photos in the profile. For some time the social network already allows to create albums, grouping up to a total of ten images, in a single publication. An improvement that was well received by the users of Instagram since this way is much easier to document a trip for example.

Instagram lets you upload horizontal photos into albums!

Of course this had a problem. And is that, some users wanted to include in the same album images of different sizes; for example a vertical with a horizontal or panoramic. But, as we have pointed out, Instagram only allowed to hang square photographs in the profile of users.

Therefore, these had two options. They could either hang the pictures of their trips one by one in their profile. Or they could hang all the images grouped in an album, but some of these cutouts appeared.

Luckily, all this has changed. From now on, Instagram already allows you to hang panoramic photos in an album. However, there is still a restriction that we hope will be resolved soon. All photos in the album must have the same format; that is, all vertical or horizontal photos. Users can not yet include two different types of sizes in the same publication.

However, Instagram does not seem to be very keen to allow this. As the company itself explained, they want the user experience in the social network to be consistent. Therefore, it seems that it wants to avoid that the albums become a mosaic, with some photos in vertical and others in horizontal.

What do you think Instagram allows to hang horizontal photos in the albums?


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