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5 things that would make the LG V30 more impressive

If yesterday we talked about the LG V30 in depth, today we want to tell you 5 details that would have been key in the LG V30 but that we have not experienced in this device. However, it is a great smartphone. Do you know everything that is and is not capable? Today we tell you!

5 things missing from the LG V30

The guys at Phone Arena have already said, these are the 5 things that would have made the LG V30 more impressive :

1- House for selfies

If you like selfies and want to have a good camera with front camera, the LG V30 comes equipped with a  camera for interesting selfies. However, LG guys have been working on the wide-angle front cameras for 10 times. We missed it in this terminal and could have had it!

2- More RAM

At the moment, many smartphones are released with 6 or 8 GB of RAM. The LG V30 has been left with the 4 GB of RAM again. It will be enough? Really, that may be enough, but we would have liked to see more.

3- Android 8.0 Factory Oreo

If the LG V20 was the first non-Nexus mobile to go out with Nougat, we expected the same for the LG V30 as for Oreo. Unfortunately this has not happened. This does not mean that it will be updated sooner or later, but it is not the same.

4- Stereo speakers

Not that the new LG smartphone has bad sound, but could have implemented better. Companies like HTC or Apple are already improving this aspect. We know that having thin frames and no bezels is complicated, but we could get more strength in the volume, a better overall sound.

5- Portrait mode

We also lack good software, such as to surprise us with effects as popular today as can be the portrait mode. Equally absurd is having third party apps that simulate it, but it would have been interesting to see it.

Are you missing something or do you think the LG V30 is perfect?

There is no doubt that it is a mobile 10. But there are always things that can be improved! What do you think of the LG V30? Would you buy it?

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