JJRC H47 “ELFIE+” Selfie drone for $39.99 use coupon

JJRC produces the next Selfie drone and presents it as an upgrade of the H37, better known as Elfie. The H47 is now called ELFIE Plus, has a 2MP camera and a one-handed remote control. In addition, it has also been reworked externally.

JJRC Elfie + Selfie drone

Model JJRC H47 & quot; ELFIE + & quot;
Dimensions 17.8 x 17.8 x 3.2 cm
Weight 86g
battery pack 3.7V 500mAh / 7 minute flight time
Camera resolution 2MP / 720p

The similarity to ELFIE can not be dismissed. The arms and rotors look identical, and the folding mechanism also seems to work identically. The drone is then folded only 6.7cm wide and not much bigger than a smartphone. The camera is no longer fixed, but can now also be inclined. The battery no longer has to be connected by cable and under a cover, but now sits in a module that is simply plugged in. This makes the battery change considerably easier.

JJRC Elfie + Selfie drone battery

The other big innovation is the remote control. While the predecessors still managed completely without, there is here in a special execution. It is held with only one hand and looks like the Nunchuk controller of the Nintendo Wii. And while the height is regulated via the control stick, the drone is steered in the desired direction by tilting the remote control.

The Techboy TB-802 has already shown that this can work well. If JJRC does not make any mistakes, this should be a pleasant addition to the control system.JJRC Elfie + Selfie drone

Alternatively, you can flown as before by JJRC app, which is available for Android and iOS free of charge. In addition to this, some advanced functions are also possible, such as the obligatory FPV function (live transmission) or the tracing of trajectories. Since the drone does not have GPS, one should not expect too much from the latter. Altitude can hold the drone but, that is, it keeps the airports autonomously and also masters automatic takeoff and landing at the touch of a button. The flight behavior already agreed with the predecessor, and I reckon here so far with no change for the worse.

JJRC Elfie + Selfie Drone Box

At all, a big question mark remains as always the camera. As soon as the first “Selfie-drone” with a FullHD camera under 50 € appears, I am also air leaks, but nothing of it is to be seen. Here is a 720p camera installed, and of course a gimbal is missing, whereby the quality of the videos probably again maximum “so well” is. But this will only show a test.

Worth mentioning is perhaps the transport box of the drone. This makes a very good impression and provides space for the ELFIE + including remote control. Overall, the new edition is to make a higher quality impression, even if I strongly assume that it will not feel so. The first version also looked more beautiful on the pictures, than in reality. Nevertheless, she was an average mini-drone, only weak at the camera. What will be the final impression of the ELFIE +.


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