Paying through WhatsApp is getting closer and closer

Pay with WhatsApp

There are webs that are dedicated to analyzing the advances of WhatsApp but not in the characteristics that all we can test in the beta but in the hidden codes that the developers add in these versions.

One such website is WABetaInfo and now it has discovered a feature that takes time talking. At the moment there is no test as such but with a little skill and the right tools, in beta version 2.17.295 WhatsApp , you can find a hidden section where we are already talking about mobile payments.

Mobile payments WhatsApp

Mobile payments are already in the WhatsApp code

There are a lot of functions that WhatsApp already includes in the code but they are not active and that is usually the next news that will come to WhatsApp. The code integrates features that developers are testing and that by using tools that have created alternative developers can also be activated.

In the last beta of WhatsApp there is a hidden section in which you can see perfectly a screen that talks about mobile payments , a payment system that would be integrated into the application and that could have much to do with the new profiles verified WhatsApp .

What are mobile payments for in a message app?

You do not have to think hard to realize that everything starts to make sense. Get in the shoes of a company that sells through Milanuncios or that sells a lot online. You add to the store, it teaches you articles of personalized form and you decide to buy some article. Why go to another platform to pay? Mobile payments through WhatsApp have a great future and will certainly be a revolution in this respect.

The new UPI (Single Payment Interface) feature at the moment seems to be developed to launch in India and it is possible that this is the country where the test is launched in beta phase to export later to other markets with more potential or markets where people I’m looking forward to seeing that feature. Spain has many ballots although there are many reticent people to pay through their mobile phone yet.

Of course, if all this sounds like Chinese you should know that paying through a Facebook messaging application is nothing new since Messenger, in the United States, takes time proving mobile payments and even the exchange of small amounts of money between friends. Do you want to pay for a teacher’s gift? You create a group and make the payment for it without having to walk with cash exchange, a way to “whiten” very interesting money …


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