BYKSKI presents the first water block for Ryzen Threadripper

One of the best-known water block manufacturers in the industry, BYKSKI, has introduced its exclusive blocks for Ryzen Threadripper processors, and is also the first to be announced for this new AMD chip.

This is the first water block for Threadripper

The Chinese manufacturer officially introduced several models of its water block for Threadripper, in red, silver and those that come with LED lighting. Filled with a cooling liquid, the water blocks are usually an ideal solution to improve the temperatures of modern processors and also graphics cards, in this case, to squeeze the maximum performance with the use of overclocking.

BYKSKI does not forget the design and the modding, offering models with LED lighting, for a few extra dollars. The two models in red and silver cost about $58, while models with RGB LED lighting cost $ 63 . These wäter blocks should be enough to maintain very pleasant temperatures with a processor with 16 and 12 cores, such as Threadripper 1950X and 1920X, which will be coming to stores on August 10.

Water block

BYKSKI is a manufacturer that has always been characterized by offering excellent products of this style at a good price and quality, so do not expect less from these exclusive models for Threadripper.

Over the next few weeks it is sure that other companies will also announce their own models for Threadripper, so stay tuned for all our news.


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