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The LG G6 has already unlocked face and hand mode

After trying with the modular designs and not getting good results, LG had to bet on a new smartphone concept. And he was right. The LG G6 is perhaps one of the best mobiles that the South Korean company has launched. A high range capable of competing in a duel of titans against the Samsung Galaxy S8, the HTC U12 and the Xiaomi Mi6.

It draws attention to its  FullVision display, with an aspect ratio of 18: 9, instead of the standard 16: 9 aspect ratio. It is the first phone in the world to have this ratio. The company wanted to provide an alternative that, he says, offers more space to enjoy the experience. Especially with regard to multimedia content.

In fact, this Full Vision panel with QHD resolution is a pioneer in being compatible with HDR and Dolby Vision content in Netflix. Something that your rivals can not brag about. In any case, it is clear that  the dimensions of the LG G6 look for a comfortable feeling in hand. Its large 5.7-inch panel is integrated in less than 7.2 cm wide.

The company is heating engines to introduce the LG V30, which will be unveiled next August 31 under the IFA 2017 Berlin, to go on sale in September. A few days ago the design of the LG V30 was filtered, confirming that it will not have a secondary screen. But now come features that enhance LG’s star terminal yet.

What’s New for the LG G6

Rumor about the new V30 does not stop. But the company continues to spoil its current flagship , which is not flawless (check out this complete guide to solve all the problems of the LG G6. This time it has done it in the form of update with two new functions , as reported by TuttoAndroid.

The most striking feature is the ability to unlock the smartphone by making use of automatic facial recognition. There are 5 aspects in which the LG G6 loses against the Galaxy S8, and one of them is the iris reader, since it lacks it. Perhaps it is not such a precise reading, but the function for the unlocking by the face is an interesting and useful alternative.

The other new feature that comes with the LG G6 is the so-called “one-way modeBasically, it is about reducing the size of the entire interface to make it more comfortable to use the phone. Thanks to this feature, just move your thumb a little. Something that users will be very grateful for with small hands, tired of not reaching the entire screen with just one.

This update weighs around 600 MB, so better over Wi-Fi. It has the two new functions mentioned and also with other improvements related to security. For example, it brings all the patches that Google released a month ago to address various Android security issues.

The news has jumped today in the Italian community. So it is to be hoped that during these days I will reach the rest of Europe. What do you think these news for the LG G6?

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    Why does my lg g6 no longer have finger print sensor as an unlock option anymore? I noticed that when the face recognition feature became available after a software update, the fingerprint sensor option was no longer. Could it be that lg was facing security issues and so had to omit it? Quite wasteful considering the fingerprint sensor hardware is at the back of the phone coupling as the kill switch don’t you say?

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