The Galaxy S9 with Exynos will have more battery, and the reason you can not imagine it

Prototype galaxy s9

If the latest rumors have been leaked are true, the Galaxy S9 with Exynos will have a higher battery. And is that if you had talked before the concept of stacked motherboards that even Apple could use in the iPhone 8, something similar would be this we tell you for the case of Samsung flagship within the Galaxy S family.

What you get with these stacked baseboards is to have more space for a larger battery. In this way, we can have a bigger battery depending on the characteristics of the device.

Exynos galaxy s9 but battery

Although we do not have much technical knowledge to tell you exactly how it works, as we are informed from Phone Arena is an advanced circuit board SLP ( Substrate Like PCB ) that can stack the pieces, making more space in the phone. What will allow a bigger battery.

Galaxy S9 with Exynos will have a larger battery

The Samsung guys are investing just in this, in a circuit with more advanced plates and leave more space for other elements, as is the case of the battery, which could be higher in the Galaxy S9 with Exynos according to the leak.

What’s more, the source notes that 4 of Samsung’s 10 suppliers have the ability to produce these SLP designs that we have told you above. For this reason, they can not have more battery every Galaxy S9, but a part.

That is why it is said that to produce these SLP designs we would have greater battery life in the Exynos versions of the S9 with PCB technology that is able to save space.

What is the real reason for this?

What happens, is that Qualcomm chips have technical difficulties to use these advanced tables. So for the moment, they could only enjoy this to have a larger battery the Exynos versions of this terminal.

However, we will have to wait and see what happens in the coming months because the technology is moving very fast and you never know what can happen.

What we expect, after this leak, is to have more battery in the new Galaxy S9 . We will see to what version this happens, whether Exynos, or both.

What do you think of the news?

Via | Phone Arena


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