Stamp: The Google Snapchat

A few days ago it was revealed that Google tried to buy Snapchat. Something that Facebook also tried in its day. But as with the social network, Snapchat rejected the offer . In the case of Facebook, we have seen how many functions of the application have been copied. Now, Google announces that it is working on an app that greatly resembles Snapchat.

Stamp: The Google Snapchat

Google is developing its own Snapchat. Under the name of Seal, it is an application to share photos and videos instantly. It has also been revealed that it would be based on AMP, reason why it is a system that offers a great fast of load.

Google Seal

The  operation of Seal would be identical to that of Snapchat. Users will be able to post stories. Such stories may be formed sliding devices containing images, videos, text. .. Something that certainly reminds us a lot of the application that so much popularity has among young people.

Additionally, it has been commented that the Seal content will appear in Google’s search results. Something that will provide a huge audience to creators. And they might even appear on other Google platforms like Google Sites. A great way to get promoted.

Google is the latest to join the fashion of copying Snapchat. Seal is an application that is clearly inspired by the operation of the popular application. What has not been discussed is a possible release date for Sello. So we will have to wait to have more news about it.


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