73% of Android users will not switch to iPhone, find out why!


Any project, and more in the technological area, can present risks at any time, since its success could depend on external factors and user opinions that in most cases have not tried or used such device or equipment. Such is the case of the American company Apple, a company that has had to face the difficult task of facing challenges in the design of elements as screens for their next iPhones and the results obtained by some of their products, which are not sold as They want , their wearables, for example.

In relation to the above, that a plan is ingenious, innovative and very attractive, does not mean that it will have millions of sales, and this is ensured the latest obtained a survey conducted by Yahoo Finance , where they claim that the idea Of Apple to take the iPhone 7 with the wireless headset has not been the best of all, but rather the opposite.

The interesting numbers of the surveys

The study was conducted with the participation of more than 7,700 people. Of that population of Android users, 73% said they will not change their device for one of the North American brand , because they have headphones that do not have the 3.5mm connector. This means that the balance may have been biased in favor of an iPhone if they only had the connector.

Polls were also present for people using an iPhone 7 and 7 plus, who of all users who participated in the study, 71% said they want to re-count the commonly used headphones. In addition, two-thirds of the population surveyed have stated that using wireless headsets has been a problem.

With these high results, it is left evidence that Android continues to increase its hegemony worldwide, although it is also important to note that Apple will grow day after day in the European and Asian market. And although there is no official information that indicates that the iPhone 8 will have wireless headsets, it is expected to come to market with this implementation.

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