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  • The Nokia 2 is seen in very clear images, do you know how Nokia will be cheaper?

The Nokia 2 is seen in very clear images, do you know how Nokia will be cheaper?

Nokia 3

The last few weeks we are hearing a lot of news about Nokia’s new smartphones. The brand, which is making its comeback this year, is presenting both high end and low end devices. One of the devices whose launch was confirmed for this year is the Nokia 2. Although it was not until a couple of weeks ago when the first specifications of the phone could be known.

We are faced with a low range, which in fact will be one of the cheaper phones that Nokia launches this year. But that does not mean that the Nokia 2 is an interesting device. And now, we have the first pictures of the phone.

Nokia 2 front

First images of the Nokia 2

In the images you can see that this Nokia 2 is a basic phone. A simple design, at least if these prototypes are the final design of the device. A telephone without many complications or flourishes, but that has everything necessary to function properly. And given that it is a Nokia phone, there will be no problems in this area.

In addition to the images, we were able to know a couple of additional data that had not been revealed so far on the device. It is expected to have a RAM of 1 GB . It will work with Android 7.1. And finally it seems to confirm that the device’s processor will be Snapdragon 212. After rumors pointing to what would be Snapdragon 210, it looks like it will finally be the 212. So you expect superior performance with this processor.

Nokia 2 back

The Nokia 2 has already been certified in the United States. Something that has triggered rumors about its release date. What is clear is that the launch of the device is very close. Maybe in a little more than a month is in the stores, although we will have to wait for some confirmation from the company. We know that on August 16th there is an event to introduce the Nokia 8. What is not known is whether the company will take the opportunity to introduce other phones like the Nokia 3 and this Nokia 2. It would certainly be a good time to get acquainted with the brand’s new full range. What do you think?

Source  | GizmoChina

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