Invisible Man: New Android malware stealing banking data

Android has a new threat to worry about. The operating system faces new malware. This time under the name of Invisible Man. The malware manages to enter the phones with the operating system of Google pretending to be a Flash update.

Invisible Man: New Android malware stealing banking data

Users get a notification that tells them that Flash must be updated urgently . Although not really. And in this way, Invisible Man manages to enter the device in question. And that’s where the danger begins.

Invisible Man steals bank details

Invisible Man is based on Svpeng, which we talked about a couple of days ago. When the malware enters the phone through the alleged update of Flash, check if the language of the device is Russian or not. If it is, strange as it sounds, its attack stops. If the language is not Russian, then start with your homework. We are going to ask for accessibility permits, which you will use for your purpose.

This malware tries to steal our bank details . Whether it’s access to online banking or our credit card number. In addition, Invisible Man also manages to establish itself as a predetermined SMS application. So if they send us a security code, they get access to it.

Invisible Man is the latest threat to reach Android. It is certainly very dangerous, since it can steal the user’s data without this one knowing it. That’s why, if we receive any notifications from Flash, do not pay attention. Especially if it says that it is urgent to update. In that case, you know that it is a malware.


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