Confirmed: Charging the mobile all night is not harmful

Surely everyone has heard the comment that charging the mobile all night is harmful. It ends up affecting the battery and impairs the performance and duration of it. It is a belief that is widespread. Which has caused many people have bet on not doing this and do not charge the smartphone at night.

Personally, this rumor has always been somewhat strange. And although I leave the mobile charged at night, I do with the question of whether it will really be affecting the battery of my smartphone. Luckily, it has been possible to clarify this legend that had been so long between us.

We can charge the mobile all night

Many thought that when charging the mobile at night , despite reaching 100% battery, it was still charging. And that is something harmful and that ends up impacting on the battery life. Fortunately, we already have an explanation that will end this legend. An Anker representative has commented that the batteries of the phones are designed to be smart. Therefore, they only charge when they need to charge. So, once they reach 100%, they will stop loading. So leaving it all night is no problem at all.

They have also referred to the wear of the batteries. Many users accuse more wear and seek for tricks to spend less battery. But everything has to do with charging cycles. Since, on average, a battery is designed to withstand a 400 charge cycles before it begins to wear out. This, translated in time, is about 18 months. Therefore, any problem of battery wear before that time period could be a failure of the same. And if that time has passed, changing the battery could solve the problem and you do not need to buy a new smartphone.

Therefore, we can terminate that belief. You can charge your mobile all night. Nothing bad will happen to the battery. It will not explode or jump through the air. So you can rest easy. I will continue to do it as I have been doing so far. Do you carry your cell phone at night? 


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