The Google Pixel 2 could be smaller and thicker than expected (and no headphone jack)

Google pixel 2

The latest rumor coming from Google’s Pixel 2 sounds a little to disappointment. And is that everything indicates, that could surprise us with a terminal more, instead of that great flagship thought to be one of the best mobiles of 2017 and we all hope.

And is that right now, the Pixel is a terminal that has good screen size and good performance. But everything indicates, according to the leaked reports, that Google would take as a reference the support of LG for the large Pixel and HTC for the small Pixel . Come on, we could have a smaller Pixel 2 terminal than expected.

Images pixel 2 pixel xl 2

Google Pixel 2

It has also filtered a video in which we can see the new Pixel 2 Google, through @ our leaks, our usual filter. We find a smaller Pixel with a presence of thick bevelles, more than expected in a top of the range today, come on, which is something I do not like a hair.

If you want a smartphone for this 2017 with slim bezels and OLED curved display (like most of the top of the range that are being seen this year), it seems that is not the solution buying the Pixel 2.

You’d have to bet on the larger Pixel made by LG, with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and thinner.

If this is finally confirmed and is more than a rumor, we would actually have two versions of the 2017 Pixel. A small by HTC and the large version manufactured by LG. We will see what is left in terms of features and design.

What we do not like, is that we will have a smaller Pixel and the thicker bevels now that each time is being left behind. But it’s all rumors and you have to keep on reporting.

However, if this happens you can always buy the big version, although we’ll see what size screen is, because not all users come looking for the same thing. What they do, they increasingly look more like what Apple does.

What do you think? Will the new Google Pixel triumph?


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