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It is clear that over time we always have new features and new features. Today, we’ve seen Google Play increase the app title limit of 30 to 50 characters. You’re probably thinking “what’s Andrea trying to say with this”? Well now, applications from the Google App Store may have a longer name , because before Google allowed up to  30 characters and now up to 50.

It really makes sense, because today we find apps that have the same name. And many, to distinguish themselves, add a small word or description to the side to expand more information or directly attack another keyword. That is why, right now the limit is higher and has extended to 50 characters.

Google Play increases the title cap of apps from 30 to 50 characters

It is clear that to position an app and that you find the users when they look for you in Google, the title of the app imports and the description also. That’s why we have good news, and is that developers who have apps hung in the Play Store can put a title of the app more extensive or complete  if they want.

One of the examples is Waze

If you want to see an example you do not have to go very far because we have Waze.

Change limit titulo apps play store

  • Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic ” = 26 characters (before June 14).
  • “Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts and Live Navigation ” = 50 characters. (From June 14 onwards).

In this way, we see that this app for example has been able to specify more of its functionality in the title so that the user looking for example an app with traffic alerts can find it before.

The goal is that apps can better say what they offer

Now the apps in the Play Store can specify in the title what are their star features , the main thing they offer users and why keywords are usually found by users. Many will use it to make SPAM (but that’s what it touches).

So if you’re a developer and have some app hanging, remember that you can change the title of the app that is displayed in the Play Store from 30 characters to 50. It’s the new limit Google has wanted.

Via | Android Police


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