Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum, new gaming keyboard with optical switches

Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum is the latest keyboard announced by this manufacturer of peripherals, it is a mechanical model but has the peculiarity of mounting switches with optical technology. This new keyboard has already been shown in Computex 2017 and finally has become official in black and white colors.

Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum

The new Tesoro Gram Testo Spectrum mechanical keyboard  incorporates a number of switches developed by the company itself and based on optical technology to improve the performance of conventional pushbuttons. These types of mechanisms promise faster response and greater durability over conventional switches. The keyboard reaches dimensions of  447 mm x 136 mm x 33 mm with a weight of 1.19 kg.

Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum is a full format keyboard, that is to say that it includes the numerical part to the right to facilitate the work for the users who need to make a very intensive use of the numbers. Keyboard features include an ARM processor, 512 KB of internal memory to save settings, a complex RGB customizable lighting system and a full N-key rollover system.

We continue with IP56 certification that makes it resistant to dust and splash and an approximate sale price of 120 dollars.

Source: techpowerup


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