Watch out for Lucky Patcher on Google Play, it’s dangerous

Some of you may sound like Lucky Patcher. It is an application with which we can modify the applications, especially those of payment. It has gained a lot of popularity with the passage of time. So much so that clones are beginning to emerge. But these clones are dangerous.

Watch out for Lucky Patcher on Google Play, it’s dangerous

The original Lucky Patcher is not available on Google Play. And now, if we look for the name of the application in the application store, we can see a huge list of applications with the same name. But all those applications are copies. None of them is the original.

None of these applications deliver what they promise

The original Lucky Patcher application is only available in APK. We will not find it in the Google Store. So all those applications that we see when we look for their name are copies. And, none of them performs the same functions as the original application. Not at all.

In fact, many of them are suspicious and it is highly likely that users will end up being infected by malware. So you have to avoid at all times your download as they are a potential risk to users. And while it is true that many of these applications have very high scores and downloads, in many cases users are required to give such score.

For all those interested in Lucky Patcher, which is a very useful application, the only way to get it is through APK. Therefore, pages like APK Mirror can be a good option. Do not look for the app on Google Play, because it is not.


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