Conga vacuum cleaner robot, all its advantages and disadvantages

Conga Excellence vacuum cleaner

It may not sound like anything this Valencian company, but Cecotec has a good number of articles among the best sellers on Amazon. Undoubtedly its star product is the robot vacuum cleaner Conga, which last Christmas was completely exhausted, forcing the Spanish firm to open a reserve list. And they do not give enough to make them.

Particularly noteworthy is the great success of the Conga Excellence suction robot, a device that sucks and scrub floors in a super efficient way, at a very competitive price. Possibly these are the reasons that have led to this cleaning robot, to position itself as the undisputed leader in this sector. So that you know a little better, we will tell you its advantages and disadvantages. Surely you will get hooked!

Conga Excellence vacuum cleaner, to make your home flawless

Although there are up to 10 different models of the Conga vacuum cleaner, let’s focus especially on the best known: the vacuum cleaner Conga Excellence, which will allow you to forget about cleaning the house and dedicate your time to what you like. And this model sweeps, sucks, passes the mop and scrub the floor for you.

This Conga vacuum cleaner robot will leave your home spotless, thanks to its great capacity to clean in four times. On the one hand sweeps, with the help of a rotating brush, that moves like a moving broom. It is also ready to vacuum the floor. Thanks to its high suction power, it will leave no trace of garbage. But this is not all, because it will also be responsible for passing the dry mop, which traps even the smallest particles. And above us scrub the floor, thanks to an innovative drip system, which wet the mop, to leave your house sparkling sea.

Conga Excellence cleaning robot, cleaning

Its ultra-thin design makes it possible to reach the most difficult places.

Intelligent navigation millimeter to millimeter

One of the secrets of the Conga Excellence robot is its iTech 2.0 navigation system, which allows it to adapt to the most difficult environments. This helps you clean every corner of your house, over the carpets or sliding easily under the furniture. And is that its ultra-thin design makes it possible to reach the most difficult places. It also has a set of state- of-the-art sensors (proximity, distance and drop), which prevent you from obstructing any obstacle that gets in your way.

A cleaning robot scrubbing the floor

One of the functions that make this Conga vacuum cleaner different from other similar devices is that it not only sucks the floor, it also scrubs it. For this it has been equipped with two large capacity tanks, which we can clean and empty easily. On the one hand we have the dry deposit, which serves to deposit the garbage that takes out when vacuuming and sweeping.

On the other hand, the sucker robot Conga Excellence also has a wet reservoir, which has the mission of wetting the mop evenly, with an original drip system that is slowly soaking it. This way you can pass the mop and scrub the floor so that it is cleaner and more shiny.

Conga Excellence vacuum cleaner, scrub

This Conga Excellence suction robot not only sucks the floor, it also scrubs it.

Maximum power thanks to Turboboost technology

It has to be said that this Conga cleaning robot incorporates Turboboost technology, which includes a turbine that increases suction power, to eliminate the most difficult dirt. Its long side brushes make it accessible to any corner, more efficiently than any other type of square vacuum cleaner, on the market.

5 cleaning programs

It also has 5 cleaning programs, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

1. Automatic: this is the one we should choose if we want to clean the whole house.
2. Edges: specially designed to clean the dirt that is found around the furniture and walls.
3. Room: is the best option when we want to clean only a room of the house.
4. Spiral: Comes very well when dirt has accumulated at one point. Then use this spiral mode, and quickly and efficiently solve the problem.
5. Homecoming: This function is activated, when we want the robot to automatically return to its load base at the end of its tasks. It will also be activated when you need to recharge to continue cleaning.

Respectful with pets and very quiet

Conga Excellence vacuum cleaner, pets

With the suction robot Conga Excellence and its suction nozzle of high power, you will have your home always clean of hairs.

If you have pets at home do not worry, because with the suction robot Conga Excellence and its high power suction nozzle, you will have your home always clean of hairs. It is also a very quiet vacuum (less than 64 dB), which barely makes noise when passing. This is always an advantage, as it will not bother you when you are cleaning and you are doing other activities. If we activate the silent mode, we can even leave it vacuuming at night.

Programmable 7 days a week

In addition we can leave it programmed any day of the week and at any time, so that it cleans when we are not at home. So when we get home we have the floor impeccable. At the end it will automatically return to its loading point, waiting for the next cleaning. And this intelligent cleansing robot is prepared to return only to the place of departure, not only when he finishes his tasks, but when the battery runs out and needs to be recharged to continue.

Conga Excellence suction robot, charging point

This intelligent cleaning robot is ready to return only to the loading point.

Enjoy a cleaner air

It may not be important for many, but it is important to note that this robot vacuum cleaner integrates a professional filtering mechanism, which is responsible for expelling much cleaner air than it sucked. Its HEPA filter manages to trap 99% of particles of dust, pollen and other allergens, avoiding many allergies and purifying the air.

Remote control with LCD display

Its cushioned rubber wheel system allows it to raise small unevennesses , including carpets less than 20 millimeters thick. And for you to be able to comfortably control this robot vacuum cleaner, you have a remote control with LCD screen. It is easy to use and will allow you to start it, to program it for a specific time.

Autonomy of more than 2 hours

In order to be able to perform all these functions without problems, the Conga Excellence robot aspirator carries a high efficiency lithium battery. This translates into an autonomy of more than 2 hours (130 minutes). So you can clean your house at a stretch.

Conga Excellence vacuum cleaner, unevenness

It also has a set of state-of-the-art sensors (proximity, distance and drop), which make it avoid any obstacles that get in the way.

Few negative things

As for the drawbacks of this robot Conga aspirator, perhaps the autonomy is somewhat short. Especially if we compare it with other robots like the Ilife V7S, which incorporates a battery of 2,600 mAh. Although everything will depend on the size of your house. Another of their “problems”, as we have read from some users, is that it is not easy to find spare parts, since they can only be obtained through the manufacturer. In any case most of the reviews are very positive, highlighting the excellent value for money they have and how well it works.

Cecotec Conga Excellence Technical Specifications

Cecotec Conga Excellence
Description Robot 4-in-1 vacuum cleaner scrub floors
Cleaning Modes 5 modes: auto, borders, room, spiral and return home
Capacity of the deposit Dry and wet: 300 ml
Battery Lithium 19 V, 2200 mAh
Battery duration 130 minutes
Bus station Yes
Loading time 3-4 h
Noise <64 db (Ultrasilence System)
Remote control Yes, with LCD display
Programmable Yes, 7 days 24 h
Material of wheels Rubber
Filters Hepa, filter mesh
Robot measurements 32 x 7.4 cm (diameter x height)
Box Measures 47.8 x 11.5 x 35.5 cm
Carton Weight 4.5 kg
Voltage 220-240 V – 50 Hz
Fit surfaces All surfaces and carpets <20 mm
Deposit Dry and wet
Central Motorized Brush Yes
Side Brushes Yes
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