QuickStories, a new GoPro Quick feature


When we prepare our suitcase to go on vacation one of the things that can not miss is our camera. It is true that the photographs that make the smartphones each time have more quality. But for those special moments we prefer to take our traditional camera, which is why we have it. Another option for a good number of users is to have a sports camera, if in our case we have the GoPro sure that we are interested in knowing QuickStories, which is a new functionality of Quick.

What we can expect from QuickStories


We can not say that we all have a GoPro, nor another similar camera, but it is true that more and more are betting on this type of devices because of the possibilities they offer. If we are one of them, it is interesting to know what we can expect from this new function.

QuickStories is already available for users of iOS and Android, but we can only use it if we have the latest model of the sports camera that has come to market, we refer to the GoPro Hero 5 . Recall that the app where you find this option, Quick, you can download for free.

With this new feature we will be able to instantly transfer all the photos and recordings that we make. This is a big change, since before it was necessary to have the app open and make the transfer manually. Now it will no longer be necessary. Immediately photos and videos will be on our smartphone or our tablet. So the process is faster and easier.

Of course, we must take into account that for the transfer to be carried out correctly, it is necessary to have at least 20% battery in the camera, otherwise it is not guaranteed that the process is done correctly.


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