The Xiaomi Mi 5X does not have NFC: Why?

Xiaomi 5X
There is a mobile in the market that is being talked about a lot, it is the new Xiaomi Mi 5x, a mid-range phone that aims at the high end but has remained at such a low price that we seem to laugh.

The Xiaomi Mi 5x has some luxury specifications and the truth is that little can envy this phone to any high end of the market. It does not lack anything, has a great design, a very powerful camera and a hardware that is up to standard but lacks a detail, the NFC.

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The Xiaomi Mi 5x has no NFC

We do not quite understand why a phone that could be perfect has run out of NFC. Most people will believe that NFC is not indispensable in their life, certainly not.

There are people who do not buy on the Internet imagine paying with the mobile phone, go crazy. To me personally the NFC in my case yes is decisive to have a new phone for the subject of mobile payments although in the case of Galaxy S8 Samsung technology is even more compatible than the NFC.

Android Pay is already available in Spain and it was thanks that the NFC arrived with this terminal since other Xiaomi like Mi5, Mi 5s, etc. They do have NFCs. Maybe you will think it is not necessary and in that case the Mi 5x is the mobile you are looking for.

Did you know that you can buy it for less than 230 euros? Here you have a link to buy the new Xiaomi Mi 5x at the best price and of course that is a very good buy but you know that it does not have NFC like Redmi 4X and Redmi Note, etc.

How expensive is the NFC? Is this what makes it possible to lower a phone so much that we do not know how it costs so little at launch? Of course not, we assume that the NFC is something that is not used yet too much and many people do not care. Xiaomi launches these phones for countries where mobile payments are still not the order of the day and in Spain although we have many services most of them are limited to very few banks and are not too usable.

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