Android will show you the battery level of devices connected by Bluetooth

For all users who connect devices to our Android via Bluetooth, it is impossible to know the remaining battery level of that device . Whether it’s headphones, speakers or selfie sticks. Something that is certainly very annoying for the users, because at any minute you can finish the battery. And so far only this level could be verified using some applications.

Luckily, Android continues to introduce improvements in its operation and bring us a novelty. It will introduce an indicator with which we can see the battery level of those devices connected through Bluetooth. A news that will brighten many users.Bluetooth-5

Battery indicator

This battery level indicator is something that some brands already have. Those with OnePlus, Samsung or LG phones already have an option that fulfills this function in their personalization layers. Now, this feature will come to Android Pure. A first step before a possible integration into Android devices in general. What is currently unknown is about the possible date of introduction of this new functionality.

Several online media have commented more details on these plans to introduce the battery level of devices connected by Bluetooth in Pure Android. Apparently, it would be introduced in a way that we can check it from any screen. So everything indicates that it would be integrated in the notification bar. A comfortable place and easy access for all users. Thus, you could see the battery of all devices that have been connected to the Android smartphone through Bluetooth.

For the moment, the only thing certain is that if this function is really going to be introduced, it will not until Android 8.1. Because, you have to keep in mind that the launch of Android 8.0. Is imminent, so there is no longer time for the function to enter. So, all the users to whom this function will be of enormous utility will have to wait even longer. We will keep you informed about the evolution of this issue in the coming months.

Source | Phone Arena


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