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PayPal Geekbuying Deals

The Chinese shop Geekbuying is known for offering a large number of products at a good price and also for offering Xiaomi mobile launches before anyone else. Geekbuying is that store that launches the products as soon as they can and makes them arrive at your house as soon as possible as is the case of the Xiaomi Mi 5x that can already be bought in this web.

Surely you know that Geekbuying not only sells from China but also has a warehouse in Spain with shipments in 2 days and 2 year warranty as required by legislation in our country. Do you want more advantages? Well now Geekbuying has launched a new promotion with discount coupons if we pay with PayPal, the platform that most people use to pay on websites of this type.

PayPal Coupons Geekbuying

Various discount coupons to pay with PayPal

If you are going to pay with PayPal at Geekbuying, you will or will, there are several discount coupons that you should know and will be applied depending on the amount you are going to spend.

  • PAYPAL5OFF – If you make a purchase of more than 100 dollars you will save 5.
  • PAYPAL10OFF – If you make a purchase of more than 199 dollars you will save 10.
  • PAYPAL20OFF – If you make a purchase of more than 299 dollars you will save 20.
  • PAYPAL30OFF – If you make a purchase of more than 399 dollars you will save 30.
  • PAYPAL50OFF – If you make a purchase of more than 499 dollars you will save 50.

Simply put, you only have to use the discount code based on the amount you are going to spend and in order to use them you will have to meet these requirements.

  • Pay through PayPal.
  • Use coupons before August 31 at 23:59 (UTC +8).

And remember that these coupons are not compatible with other special offer coupons but if you are going to buy any product over 100 dollars (remember they are only 85 euros) you can enjoy an extra discount on the purchase that will allow you to save, according to Product, up to 50 dollars.

If you want to see also the exclusive discounts that Geekbuying has prepared for you in this promotion there are offers like the Nubia Z17, the Yi 4K Plus, the new Amazfit Bip or the OnePlus 5.


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