HBO hacked: It filters the script of an episode of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the most popular HBO series. It is so popular that millions of users can not wait to know what will happen in the next chapter. If you are one of those who can not be, maybe you’ll be glad this news. HBO has been hacked and among the filtered data is the script of an episode of Game of Thrones that has not been released yet .

HBO hacked: It filters the script of an episode of Game of Thrones

It appears that hackers who have carried out this attack claim to be in possession of 1.5 TB of channel data. Among the data is the mentioned script of the series, and also episodes of other series like Ballers or Room 104

There will be more leaks

As mentioned, the script of Game of Thrones that has leaked belongs to the episode that will be released next week. Although not confirmed. The source appears to be an existing security breach in HBO. Because of this problem hackers are in possession of numerous data, although they have not wanted to reveal what they have.

What they have commented is that there will be more leaks soon. In what looks like a kind of war against HBO. At the moment they have managed to do damage to the company with the filtration of the script of Game of Thrones, that already seems to be available in some sites in the web.

From HBO they recognize the hack and be working on their solution. In addition to commenting that they have already faced this problem previously, with other leaks from Game of Thrones. And they will go ahead successfully as they always have. We’ll see what happens and if there really are more leaks from HBO series.


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