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The new LG V30 is filtered: will it be as you expect?

Filtered design of LG V30

The latest leaks of this new LG V30 promises to have the camera of a beast and that will have OLED screen. Something interesting that we have revealed today, is that it filters its design and once we can see the long awaited camera of the flagship of LG. Some people claim that this camera will be better than the current Samsung Galaxy S8. LG has not been left behind and many people claim that it is cooking a terminal that will be positioned in the first place of the high range.

Little by little the details of this device are known, this terminal was announced earlier this year but the date was questioned because it was not confirmed at all. However, we can already know the launch date that will be in late August taking advantage of IFA 2017 to promote its new smartphone, the specifications of this mobile many people say they will be of another level, but we do not know if it will be true at all.

How will the design of the LG V30?


A new filtration appears in the networks and we know new details about the body of the terminal and the rumors affirm that the camera will give good results in low light. Its design has been leaked by a Twitter user named @OnLeask known for his phone leaks and according to the photograph we can dispel some doubts we had for some time. The first doubt we will dissipate, is that it will not have double front camera as many expected.

On the other hand, we can notice that its design is very similar to what is the LG G6 of the company. Of course, it will feature double rear camera, rear fingerprint reader and a nice design. We can also observe a rather large screen with a tray for SIMs. Something that catches our attention is its camera, according to a source, this will open f/1.7 and would be the first terminal to have one so far.

Undoubtedly, we are very eager to have this mobile in the market to take advantage and go knowing a little more through official communications. We expect that we do not have to wait long for LG to leave announcing the specifications of the same and dispel the doubts we have. How did you like the design?

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