AMD publishes the first official images of RX VEGA 64

It does nothing that leaked the first images of the Radeon RX VEGA 64 and now it is up to AMD to publish them officially, including the model with liquid cooling.


RX VEGA 64 officially poses for the cameras


After the leak, AMD has had no choice but to show for the first time the appearance of its upcoming Radeon RX VEGA 64 , without too many surprises to what we had seen previously. The inspiration on the VEGA Frontier for the professional market is quite clear and we see again the 2 connectors of 8 pins that will require this model in question to work, the metallic finish and the VEGA logo on the case in red color.


The novelty in these images, and which we had not seen before, is the Liquid Edition model. This model will use liquid cooling for heat dissipation. This particular model is expected to have higher frequencies than the reference version and higher performance. Perhaps this is not a clue about the consumption and the heat that can generate the VEGA, at the cost of a superior performance, we will know soon.

This is the Liquid Edition model

Although AMD has not yet confirmed to which prices the VEGA 64 RX will emerge in any of its flavors, but in the last hours has been filtering some numbers.

The reference model of the RX VEGA 64 would cost about 499 dollars , while the limited version would do for 549 dollars. Finally, the model ‘Liquid Edition’ would sell for $ 599. In all cases, the TDP would be above 300W, reaching up to 375W for the ‘Liquid Eition’ model .

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As we write these lines, we are still waiting for the official launch date for these new AMD graphics.

Source: overclock3d


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