Your Roomba vacuum cleaner robot spies on you and will sell your data

Your iRobot Roomba could jeopardize your privacy.

The vacuum robots and take us many years, although many people do decide to buy one. It was when one company clearly prevailed when others took the plunge. This is Roomba, manufacturer of iRobot vacuum cleaners that triumph in all online stores.

The world’s best vacuum cleaners have a hidden side, at least until now. It has been revealed by Colin Angle, Executive Director of the company. Apparently, iRobot Roomba have spent years collecting information from their users, in theory to improve their performance.

However, all those data that you thought were used to avoid colliding with furniture and improving their cleaning functions are worth a lot of money. Basically, the information describes where you put your furniture, how you change the layout of your house and where you have the sensors. For companies eager to have lots of potential customers, iRoomba is a mine.

Angle knows this and has confirmed that Roomba will sell its users’ data to three interested companies: Google, Amazon and Apple. They are the three manufacturers that are struggling today for the market of intelligent virtual assistants. Siri, Alexa and Google Home are now available, but with ample room for improvement.

The intention of the three mentioned is to use the data collected by the vacuum cleaners to improve the operation of their smart home speakers. Roomba sees it with good eyes, since it supposes an option to make box that they did not expect.

Of course, as the Executive Director of the company has clarified, no user data will be sold without his consent. They will surely offer new features or discounts in exchange for permission to trade with this information.

[Source: Reuters ]


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