Microsoft creates a Raspberry Pi emulator for programmers

Emulator of Raspberry Pi.

For all those who want to learn  programming, a Rasperry Pi or Arduino can be perfect options. If you already master several programming languages ​​and want to try new things, too. In these two mini PCs you have plenty of options to program actions and features, although so far only in physical form.

Thanks to Microsoft Azure, the developer platform, you can now emulate a Raspberry Pi and virtually simulate actions. It’s totally free if you have Azure account and it has a tremendously intuitive interface.

There are more and more users who choose to buy a Raspberry Pi, and there are many tricks to take advantage of this computer the size of a card. If you are a programmer, more so, although most people use them as a multimedia center for the home.

In the emulator for Microsoft Azure you can enter code to cause several reactions in the virtual computer. It is divided into three parts: one for the code, another for executing it, deleting it or expanding it and another for graphing the result.

Both Raspberry Pi and Arduino can be added peripherals as LED lights or various adapters, increasing their performance. They can practically be used for anything if you have the sufficient contents for it, although at the risk of ending up destroying them in the attempt.

For that is the emulator, so you can safely practice what you want to do with your board. Forget about failing USB or HDMI connections trying new things, but if you go to the simple, you’ll be looking for a Linux distribution to install on your computer. Take a look at the ones we recommend.


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