JKR KR – 1000 for $34.99 (BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS, NFC)

JKR seems to be a fairly well-known brand in certain forums or audio circles. I was the JKR KR – 1000 rather unknown, but for $34.99 on Gearbest.com, the sound and the bass of the rather small- sized Bluetooth speaker convinced me absolutely. Otherwise the elongated, rather narrow loudspeaker with 2 × 10 Watt power can trump. It has different sound modes and uses a 4400 mAh battery. Conveniently, it can also be fed with music using 3.5mm cable or a Micro SD card. The coupling can be performed conveniently via NFC.


The loudspeaker is not really big. It is all the more surprising, what a brachial sound can be tickled out of the elongated case with 2 × 10 watt stereo powerNFC can be used for linking to the smartphone, tablet, PC or other devices. The connection is classic via Bluetooth 4.1. If you like, the speaker can also be operated conveniently using a 3.5mm cable (enclosed) or a music-equipped Micro SD card. The respective mode is detected automatically.
On the right-hand side are the controls, which are quite sensitive to light touches. The adjustable volume is directly linked to the Bluetooth system volume of the playback device. The reproduced frequency is between 60 Hz – 20 KHz . The impedance is 4 ohms. The integrated 4400 mAh battery should suffice for about 4 hours of music playback , but whoever uses the full volume (with a fat grin on the face 8th-)) will not reach this time however. Furthermore, you can select 3 different sound modes, which are identified by a corresponding color code / LED on the front.

Reviews / Experiences / Opinions

The JKR KR – 1000 loudspeaker seems to be really good. If you ignore the usual top 100 or other reviews, extremely many buyers express very positive to the loudspeaker. However, it is sold under the most diverse names:  QHGstore Kr1000,  ELEGIANT or  EIVOTOR. Technically, however, it seems to be all the same devices. 

And that’s exactly what my test has confirmed! Unbelievable what you get for this small price, just if you the speaker for about 30 € imported. But also the called ~ 50 € via Amazon are justified.

Rarely I have had such a good sounding and still bassloady Bluetooth speakers before me. The processing can be quite impressive , even if the piano lacquer in the Touchbuttons rather matted or gummiert could be. Otherwise there is in the point but nothing to complain about.

The operation or the connection goes easily from the hand. The Bluetooth connection is stable And without crashes. Even the 3.5 mm jack plug playback or with inserted Micro SD card ran smoothly. The loudspeaker can sound directly with the first reproduced sounds. No matter what you play: techno, house, dubstep, rock, metal, classic or other styles: everything sounds pretty good. Clearly, the quality differences between old and new, high-resolution music are also perceived.

If you play the right tracks and the bass is smitten a grin in the face. I was really impressed (in this price class, mind you)!

The three different adjustable modes also sound different: in the first mode, the high tones are addressed, in the second mode the bass sounds, and in the third and last mode, a kind of 3D sound is simmed. All types meet different tastes and should be suitable for everyone in one form. The whole is represented by a blue, green or red battery symbol on the front.


  • Bluetooth speakers
  • 2 × 10 watt
  • Bluetooth 4.1, Micro SD, 3.5mm jack
  • 4 ohm, 60 Hz – 20 KHz,
  • 4400 mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 285mm x 48mm x 58mm

Buy JKR KR – 1000 for $34.99


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