3 reasons to buy the spectacular Vernee M5

3 reasons to buy the spectacular Vernee M5

In Androidphoria we always talk to you about the best devices, one of them without a doubt is the spectacular Vernee M5. It’s a great smartphone that you’ll be able to get at an impressive pre-sale price, because it’s around 100 euros and it’s a very interesting mid-range. If you want to know more about this device, we will give you 3 reasons to add it to the cart. You can not miss it, especially now that it’s on sale. Take advantage before the units fly!

Reasons to Buy the Vernee M5

Value for money

If you can not make a bad purchase, buying the Vernee M5 will make the best purchase possible, because this is a device with an impressive value for money. Round 100 euros, and is a great price because before us we have a very high mid-range features like an MTK6750 to 8 cores with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage for 110 euros on offer.

Fingerprint sensor

Despite being a very economical terminal comes with fingerprint technology. If you are looking for a cheap mobile phone with fingerprint scanner is one of the best options in the market without a doubt.

Large rear camera

It does not have a dual camera, however, presents a rear camera with 13 MP and that will allow you to take great pictures. It is another reason to buy this device, because you will take an economic mobile, powerful and with good camera. What more to ask! The front stays at 8 MP for good selfies.

It is a great smartphone, with Nougat and good screen of 5.2 inches

Interesting inside and out. A terminal for those looking for a compact screen size of 5.2 inches. And all the advantages that Nougat gives you. The design is also brutal, a very nice smartphone. Like very much!

Vernacular m5

Take advantage of this offer from Igogo to get it at the lowest pre-sale price

From now until September 20 you can get the cheapest Vernee M5, a smartphone with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. The price is set at $129.99, which is about 110 euros to change, which is not bad, because it is a new device that has just been released. Make the most of it from Gearbest.com!

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