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Confirmed: Palm will launch Android phones in 2018 thanks to TCL


If you are a fan of smartphones you will remember this brand that was very important when it comes to calling smartphones to the phones we know today, you could say that was one of the pioneers in making the concept of official smartphone. Do not you know about Palm ?, it’s okay , since this company has been away for a long time, but here we will update you with everything related to it.

Who owned Palm, until recently HP was the owner of this prestigious company that was discontinued in 2011 (we believe it was HP’s fault), why it came to an end ?, said company lowered sales and In fact, it broke. What will happen now ? , BlackBerry and Alcatel (TCL) revival makers will be the same in bringing Palm back for 2018.

All you have to know with the return of Palm

Palm Pilot

How did we know the ad ?, he said announcement was made at the fair of the year most anticipated technology and currently being held in Berlin, the IFA, that of which I spoke recently. Stefan Streit is the TLC Marketing Manager and it was the one who confirmed that Palm will return to the ring with TCL. When will we have Palm with a new device ? According to the company, in early 2018 we could have news from the first teams.

Also, something that strikes us is that they will not come with WebOs like the old HP that of course failed, now this new company will have the best operating system currently and yes, we talk about Android. How do you think it will go this time ?, we believe that long absences can play against, but this is a company that has much merit and respect in the world of smartphones.

On the other hand, did not confirm which equipment will be launched in early 2018 and we would not know if they will be mobile or other gadgets. Although most likely they are smart phones, although a new Palm Pilot would be the most obvious.

Also, we deduce that these teams will be directed to the adults who remember this company so much and who in the past relied on it. However, for sure we will not know the devices that will have this new and improved Palm. What do you think?

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