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Google is already working on Android P 9.0. And test it on the Pixel

A little over a week ago that Android Oreo has arrived, but Google does not rest even a second. The latest update of the operating system has left us many new features. And both experts and users are very enthusiastic about the changes that Android Oreo leaves us. But, the American company thinks beyond. They have already started to develop Android P 9.0.

In its early Android was established as an annual project. So the idea was that every twelve months Google launched a great update. And the pace of the market today boosts these types of cycles. Now, even though Android Oreo has not even reached most devices, they are already working on its successor.

Android P already appears in the AOSP code

Although it is still early to think that the company is already fully working on this new version, there are already signs that make us think that. A new label has appeared in the AOSP project code. This tag is named master-p. This refers to the next version of Android, which we already know will have the letter P by name.

Although everything indicates that it is a version of the operating system that is in its early stages, it seems that Google is already testing on some phones. The company is conducting tests on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL launched last year. When doing this type of tests with Oreo, the name of the variant was OPR1. In this case, the name of the variant is PPR1.

At the moment, Google has not confirmed at any time that the P refers to Android 9.0. Although, in the past when such leaks have occurred, they have generally been true. At least, in the case of Android 8.0. When they began to filter this type of information, they got it right. The company does not reveal anything and in fact there are voices that point to that could be simply Android 8.1. A review of Oreo to be released with the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. We will have to wait for some confirmation. But it would not be unreasonable to think that the company already works on Android P 9.0. What do you think?

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