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The WikiLeaks website has been hacked by OurMine

Unfortunately, website hacking seems to be becoming more and more commonplace. A few days ago we told you that HBO has been hacked and filtering episodes of Game of Thrones. Well, the last website affected was WikiLeaks; Seems to have been hacked by a group called OurMine.

The WikiLeaks page, hacked

From this early morning, when users access the WikiLeaks.org home page, they see a message that reads ” Hacked by OurMine. OurMine (Security Group), do not worry because we are testing your … blablablab. Oh, wait, this is not a safety test. Do you remember when you challenged us to hack? ” It also challenges users to make #WikiLeaksHack Trending Topic on Twitter.

Other users who have tried to access the WikiLeaks website directly have seen a message informing them that the WikiLeaks account has been suspended.

OurMine, one of the most dangerous groups of cybercriminals in the world

It is not the first time this group acts. OurMine is already well known by cybersecurity experts. He has previously hacked corporate websites and news sites around the world.

Last year 2016, OurMine hacked Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Twitter account, as well as the Google CEO page, Sundar Pichai. This group has also been behind the hacking of websites like Variety and BuzzFeed.

Despite their many actions, cybersecurity experts find it very difficult to find them. They make use of the world’s most sophisticated technologies and are perfectly organized. In addition, it seems that OurMine is now more active than ever. Two hacks in consecutive months against websites of great relevance at an international level.

At the moment WikiLeaks has not spoken about the hacking, but is expected to do so in the next few hours. Hopefully the problem will be solved as soon as possible and the website will again be what it was.

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