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5 reasons not to buy Note 8 and wait for Galaxy S9

Do you like Note 8? Does not it convince you at all? If you have doubts, this article is for you because we are going to give you some reasons not to buy the new Note 8 and wait for the Samsung Galaxy S9 that will leave for the next month of February-March 2018. If you are an anxious person you will not be able to Expect no joke, but sometimes doing so is the smartest way to get the best smartphone.

Battery Note Galaxy 8

As our colleagues in Phone Arena tell us, we have  5 reasons not to buy Note 8 and wait for the Galaxy S9. They are very good!

5 reasons not to buy Note 8 and wait for Galaxy S9

The price

If we consider that this is a device with a price of 4 figures, almost better that we wait for the next terminal of the company, because in addition, Samsung smartphones fall in price relatively quickly (after 6 months or when a new Model), so if you wait, you can surely get the Note 8 cheaper or an improved Galaxy S9 at a more suitable price.

Dual camera enhancements

It is possible that the Galaxy S9 comes with dual camera, almost certainly. For now, there are rumors that he would have it vertically, others say that it would be horizontal. But as Note 8 is the company’s pioneer in coming with double camera, it is possible that we find the best double camera of a Samsung mobile in the Galaxy S9. Equally worth the wait!


Note 8 has been criticized because it has less battery capacity than its predecessor, however, it is better optimized. However, with the Galaxy S9 we will have more battery and better optimization. Everything seems to indicate that.

Android Factory Oreo and more updates

The Galaxy S9 will come with Android Oreo from the factory and being a newer terminal, when it comes out, will have 2 more years of updates.

Other Surprises

Samsung is sure to surprise us with something, because there are many months left for these guys to innovate and surprise us with something new. We will see it!

These are our 5 reasons not to buy the Note 8 and wait for the Galaxy S9, you give us the sixth?

They are only 5 reasons but we could give you many more if we squeezed a little more coconut. Normally, there are users of Note and there are users of Galaxy S, what kind of user are you? Why would not you buy Note 8 before the S9?

Remember to give us the 6th reason!

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  1. I will wait for the Samsung S9 ….. because of the 600mhz frequency band 71 coming out for T-Mobile. The NOTE-8 doesn’t have this 600mhz frequency band 71. Which will reduce dead spots in many poor areas signal across the country.

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