Snapdragon 670 will be built in 10 nanometers

Qualcomm is the undisputed leader in the processor market. Thanks to Snapdragon has been able to convince companies and users. Your formula? High-quality, high-performance processors. Reason why the main brands bet without hesitation for their processors. It should also be noted that the company is known for its constant innovations.

Throughout the month we have talked about your progress. But today, it is about talking about the new processor of the brand. This is Snapdragon 670. It is the successor of Snapdragon 660, which is not a processor that is present in too many devices. But, the company has already prepared the successor. What do we know about this new Qualcomm processor?

Snapdragon 670: First specs

Although more mobile phones are expected to use Snapdragon 660 in the coming months, the company does not want to waste time. That is why they have already prepared the future processor that will replace it in the market. At least that seems to be the idea behind this new model. As usual with each new processor, this Snapdragon 670 brings notable improvements on the part of the company.

Thanks to the first leaks it has been revealed that it will be built at 10 nanometers. And this new process is designed by Samsung, which guarantees a lower power consumption. It has also been revealed that integrate a Kyro CPY on DynamicIQ ARM clusters. In addition, two cores are expected to come with a high frequency, while the other six cores of this processor will be less powerful. So it will far exceed what is expected from a processor for the midrange. The latest data revealed refers to the GPU that accompanies this Snapdragon 670. It is expected to have a performance improvement of 25% compared to Adreno 512.

Undoubtedly, Qualcomm returns to generate expectations with its new processor. Despite being a processor aimed at the mid-range, the company does not disappoint. At the moment, it has been confirmed that Snapdragon 670 will begin production in the first quarter of 2018. What mobile phones will have this new processor is not yet known, although it will be revealed later this year surely.

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