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Asik son los nuevos wearables de Samsung: Gear Fit 2 Pro, Gear Sport y Gear Icon X 2018

Although the protagonism is still having its new flagship, Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has introduced the new members of the family of wearables Gear. It has done so by taking advantage of this IFA 2017, the biggest fair of consumer technology that is celebrated in Berlin.

This line of accessories is especially focused on users looking for reliability in the devices they use when playing sports. On this occasion, Samsung places special emphasis on water sports , with a water resistance of up to 50 meters deep.

So are the new wearables of Samsung

Samsung has introduced up to three new devices. Two of them are wearables that enhance the previous generation, the Gear Fit 2 Pro bracelet and the Gear Sport smartwatch. The third is for lovers of music and technology, the new headphones IconX 2018.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, a very competitive wristband

We are facing the return of one of the most complete smart bracelets on the market. On its 1.5-inch screen, you can view activity session data, with a resolution of 216 x 432 pixels. Of course, it displays the time and some notifications you receive from the connected smartphone. In terms of connectivity, it has built-in GPS and Bluetooth 4.2 low-power so as not to exhaust your 200 mAh battery too fast.

It has resistance to water and dust, but also to shock  and corrosion, something that makes a lot of sense if it is destined to sports practices. Specifically, it has the ISO 22810: 2010 certification and the 5 ATM rating. It weighs just 34 grams, so it’s not a bother, but that does not stop you from hosting a Dualcore CPU that runs at 1 GHz.

The RAM is 512 MB, while the internal storage capacity is 4 GB. This memory will be very useful with the new arrival: the download of offline lists of Spotify smartphone. Surely the idea of ​​Samsung is that we wear this new bracelet while we play sports and listen to music with the IconX stalls.

But of course, for that you have to pay a price that many will find excessive. Gear Fit 2 Pro is expected to land in our market with a price of 199 euros, although there is still official confirmation from Samsung.

Gear Sport, the Samsung smartwatch for sportsmen

The firm already has in its catalog other smart watches, like the Gear S3, that saw the light during the past IFA. The new Gear Sport maintains similar aesthetic lines. But it differs somewhat from the circular design of the S3 by presenting a square base with rounded edges. In addition, it is lighter and more compact.

Despite this small aesthetic change, the AMOLED screen remains totally circular. It is 1.2 inches and has a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. Its belt is of 20 millimeters and his weight is of 50 grams, so it is a smartwatch that surely is very comfortable to do sport.

The operating system is Tizen OS, which Samsung intended for its wearables. It runs a dual-core processor running at 1 GHz, in the company of an internal storage capacity of 4 GB, such as the Gear Fit 2 Pro. But the RAM rises to 768 MB. It is responsible for giving life to a battery of 300 mAh.

It has the same resistance certificates as the wristband, as well as integrated GPS and Bluetooth 4.2 low power, in addition to the protection offered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. But it also features NFC, Wi-Fi and GLONASS. An aspect that is not new but interesting because it has been improved, is that the smartwatch automatically detects the sport activity that is taking place.

These features put the Gear Sport as one of the best options in the current catalog of smart watches. But it will not be cheap, because this model is expected to hit the market with a price starting at 349 euros.

The Samsung IconX 2018 calls Bixby and improves autonomy

When Apple introduced its AirPods did not leave anyone indifferent. It has as many supporters as detractors, although there is no doubt that its capacities are very attractive. But the new Samsung IconX 2018 have many ballots to succeed. They are very similar to the previous generation, except that they are now  compatible with Bixby, the virtual assistant of the house.

The previous ones had a weak point: a little autonomy. That is why Samsung has worked to improve this aspect. The IconX 2018 features a 82 mAh battery in each handset. If we compare with the 47 mAh of the previous ones, it is clear that the improvement is notorious. In addition, they have the help of the kit, because not only serves to save them. It is capable of giving an extra charge thanks to its 340 mAh. And it has changed the microUSB by USB Type-C with USB 2.0.

The only drawback of this increase is that the weight of the case is somewhat higher, 54.5 grams. The headphones have a design that makes them smaller than the previous ones and their weight is of 8 grams. The good thing is the growth in autonomy. According to Samsung, now reach the 7 hours of playback (5 hours if it is via Bluetooth, which is now 4.2).

Another aspect to emphasize is that they are completely wireless, without cables that join them. Also we find again a point that liked a lot in the previous ones: the tactile control. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to control the playback or to indicate that we start an activity with pulsations. In this Samsung has succeeded in maintaining and improving something that worked well.

The new IconX 2018 will be available in pink, gray and black. There is still no confirmation as to launch. Nor about the price. But it is expected to be 199 euros, as marked the previous model in its premiere.

It is clear that Samsung raises its commitment to sports wearables, with emphasis on water activities. In terms of aesthetics there have been no major variations, but we do find important improvements in specifications. It will be necessary to see if it is enough so that its high prices go unnoticed. What do you think of the new members of the Gear family?

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