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Xiaomi Mi Note 3: Its characteristics and design are filtered!

If there is a mobile phone company most talked about at the moment, that is Xiaomi. The Chinese company has an extensive catalog of devices for all types of users, so that their presentations and launches are continuous. Next September 11 will hold an event in which will present the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, one of the most anticipated phones of this year 2017.

Well, yesterday a manager of Xiaomi pointed out that the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 will arrive very soon. Mi Note 3 is a Chinese company phone that has been talking about for a long time. However, the truth is that it has not been given much importance because everyone was focused on the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2.

Following these statements and the confirmation of the presentation event of Mi MIX 2 on September 11, many point that Xiaomi will use this date to also present Mi Note 3.

Xiaomi My Note 3 real image

What will be the Xiaomi Mi Note 3?

Let’s go over all the rumors that have been going on about the features of the phone so far. As for the design, following the trend of the mobile phone sector, it seems that it will be an entire screen device, without just frames.

If confirmed, the fingerprint sensor is most likely to be located at the back of the terminal. Of course, it could also be integrated inside the screen itself. We are waiting to see what will be the first phone to reach the market with the sensor integrated in the screen.

Regarding its internal features, the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 will have a Snapdragon 835 processor. It will have two versions, one of 6 GB of RAM and another of 8 GB of RAM. The Chinese company has bet very high by the RAM of the device; Most phones that we are seeing with two versions depending on memory have 4 and 6 GB. The battery will be at least 3500 mAh.

We will be very attentive to all Xiaomi news in the coming days!

What do you think the first features that are known from the Xiaomi Mi Note 3?

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