Rock Zircon In-Ear Headphone for $9.99 – Alternative to Beats?

Cheap headphones from China with a very well-known brand for headphones, which sells much more expensive products, may look somewhat highly. But a specialist magazine has done just that and concluded that the Rock Zircon headphones sound better than the urBeats of beats, which currently cost almost tenfold.

Rock Zircon headphones in black

Technical specifications

Surname Rock Zircon
Inpedanz 16 ohms
Sensitivity 93 dB
Cable length 1.2 meters
Colour Black / Gray o. White / Gold

The Rock Zircon is classic cable headphones with a 3.5 mm jack connection and thus not a Bluetooth enabled device. There is also no active noise canceling, which one can not expect in this price category. For this, the In-Ears have been designed somewhat more eye-catching and come in a black-gray color combination or in white with golden elements. But if this pleases, it is well known in the eye of the beholder.

Rock Zircon headphone cable connector

Since a microphone is also integrated, the headphones do not only serve to listen to music. So they are also used for telephone calls. By means of a key you can answer calls or play the next or previous song. There is no volume control for this, which must then be done via the smartphone. A nice plus is also the textile cover, which is to ensure a higher longevity of the cable.

Rock Zircon Headphone Microphone
Both a microphone and a function key are integrated into the headphones

Nevertheless, the most important feature of headphones still remains the sound. The sound picture of the Rock Zircon is to be really good for this price. Especially the basses should be full and powerful. But also the mids and highs come to a good effect and thus create a coherent overall picture.

For this price, the headphones are really very interesting. If you need a pair quickly and a China smartphone like the MEIIGOO M1 ordered, which is not included with headphones, this could be the right address here.

Would you like a test or do you have alternative suggestions?

At AliExpress for $9.28  (Color: black) GearBest for $17.32


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