COSWHEEL A-ONE electric bike for $644.99

After the Xiaomi Elektroroller M365 already very well with you arrived, we introduce you today the COSWHEEL A-ONE electric bike. Here again the thanks to Pako for the reference 🙂electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular. What exactly is so special about COSWHEEL A-ONE, we have summarized for you.

COSWHEEL A-ONE electric bicycle


Material Aluminum and plastic
Tire 8 inches
Maximum speed 35 km / h
Reach 35 km (45 km in the Pro version)
Braking system Disc brake on the rear wheel
Engine power 350W
Battery performance 110 – 220V
Pitch 10 °
Maximum load 150 kilograms
Battery 18650 Li-ion 8800mAh battery (11600mAh Pro version)
Charging time 4.5 hours
Weight 17.5 kilograms
Dimensions 37 x 19 x 106 cm; Seat height 76 cm
Colour Gray

The COSWHEEL A-ONE electric bike in detail

The COSWHEEL A-ONE electric bike offers enough space for one person with a size of 105 x 56 x 80cm. The seat of the bike is at a height of 76cm. This does not seem too high, it is compared to the height of a normal bicycle saddle, which is however oriented to the body size of the driver. The larger a human being and the larger his step length, the higher the bicycle saddle. The legs should nevertheless be straightened, but the product images of the COSWHEEL A-ONE can not be assumed. It is not clear whether the saddle can be adjusted in height.

The seat height of the COSWHEEL A-ONE looks very low.

Folded is the electric bike only 37 x 19 x 106cm large and can be carried easily with the hand. With 17.5 kilograms, however, it is not a light weight. That’s why the A-ONE has two smaller wheels on the rear wheel that can be used to pull the bike.

Thus, the electric bicycle can be transported relatively comfortably.

With the COSWHEEL A-ONE you can drive up to 35 kilometers with a battery charge, in the Pro version up to 45km. The battery, consisting of 18650 Li-ion battery with 8800mAh, takes the 4.5 hours to be fully charged. Afterwards, a  person weighing up to 150 kg can get started and drive through the area at up to 35 km/h. The Pro version here has 11600mAh, in order to master the somewhat further distances. Again, the note, as well as the electric scooter: the heavier a person is, the slower and shorter the ride.

But watch out: Despite the fact that the COSWHEEL A-ONE is referred to here as an “electric bike”, it is probably not recognized as such in Germany. According to the definition, pedelecs or e-bikes always have pedal support, which is definitely not the case with the COSWHEEL. For this reason, a street permit will not be available. The ADFC says there are two classes of e-bikes that give an under 20 km/h engine power and “[…] e-bikes, the pedal support over the speed of 25 km/h. At 45 km/h, the engine is adjusted – the e-bike would otherwise fall into the category of driving license cars (driving license class M) “. To what extent one is ready here in the public road traffic without permission to drive, everyone must decide for themselves.

The connection via Bluetooth allows one to check the electrical cycle.

The COSWHEEL A-ONE has a front and rear light. The front light can be set in two different brightness levels and flashing light. There is also a small display in the steering wheel with a speed and temperature display as well as the battery status. The electric bike is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and can be controlled and analyzed by app. In addition, it is also possible to check the distance between other functions, and to check the battery status and to set a smart light control. In this case, the latter switches itself on or off to match the respective light conditions. You can get an idea of ​​the handling of the COSWHEEL A-ONE in GearBest’s advertising video:

How do you see this with the road admission: would you risk getting caught, or do you prefer to stick to the rules and wait for future developments in road traffic?


  1. Have a great interest in the Coswheel A One. Unfortunately they do not answer emails or phone calls at their contact address. Would like to know what backup there is in UK if you purchase from their UK web site. Any ideas please.
    Regards, Rod Green


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