Samsung only has one rival and is called Apple


In the Android world Samsung is on another level than any other company and we will tell you the reasons so we have deduced the following. Samsung has a great way to stay on everyone’s lips in the field of technology by the launches it makes over the course of the year. Why do we say this ?, without going too far, this year Samsung launched two exceptional mobiles, in March the Galaxy S8 and now in August the Galaxy Note 8.

The marketing strategy that Samsung has is very good because the whole year was included in rumors about these two phones and for no one is a secret that they are a terminal bomb and are probably the best this year. In addition, they have a price of 650 and 950 dollars compared to the size, they are excellent mobiles. What’s more, many people have bought these mobiles and do not care about the price.

Why do we say that Apple is Samsung’s only competition?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8 Plus and S8

If you have the 3 Samsung mobile phones Galaxy S8, S8 + and Note 8, you will see that there are 3 handsets that came out this year and they are the best you can find on Android. Samsung is a leap forward of any brand of Android currently and in this we include sales, market shares and especially high-end. In this section is where your biggest rival, the iPhone and enters , has a different operating system.

What is the competition of Samsung in Android ?, in this section Samsung does not have to worry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google, Huawei and Sony are improving but do not have a terminal or 3 that make it direct competition to the 3 Samsung just released this year. That said, we want to imply that there is only one king in the operating system and it is called Samsung.

At this point, we want to tell you that Samsung will continue to be the king while the other companies will decide to give it a decent competition and that Apple is the only brand that just by launching a mobile a year, has to compete with it. What’s more, the Galaxy Note 7 crash was not a problem for Samsung and could solve it. From our point of view, Samsung is at the top and it is very difficult for any brand to reach it. What do you think?



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