HTC has been outsourced by OPPO in its home country


A few weeks ago we learned that HTC losses had slowed somewhat, revenues were rising and was thanks to the new HTC U11 but that does not mean that the company has recovered.

HTC remains in serious trouble with its economy and Bloomberg’s latest report says the Taiwanese company is studying the differences strategies it can take to save the company. Among the strategies of salvation is the sale of the brand or even the sale of HTC VIVE.


What Exits Does HTC Have for Your Business?

We will not forget that HTC is a very reputed brand but has fallen to the fifth place of smartphone manufacturers in its own country of origin and the company that has taken the place has been Oppo, one of the companies that is in partnership with OnePlus.

However, the serious thing is not that Oppo has overcome them but in this country the third place in the list is occupied by ASUS and HTC continues, despite this, behind its main competitors. To explain the increase in sales of Oppo in Taiwan we have to talk about the new Oppo R11, the best-selling Android phone in the country last month.

HTC has problems and will one day break the bag

The slowdown in sales of the HTC U11 also continued to widen the gap and the fact is that that caused the revenue to slow again in July. What we do not know is how the public will react to the new HTC U Life 11, a phone that will be more economical and could mean a significant increase in sales.

HTC has problems but it is not the only one, ASUS, based in Taiwan, also claims to have financial difficulties to get ahead and its actions were at a minimum this spring which forced to delay the series ZenFone 4 for 4 months in addition to reducing the stock of Devices by 25%. Surviving today making mobile phones is complicated, or mobile launches of 1000 euros with astronomical gains or you can hardly have margin on sales so fair and with such a low profit margin.


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