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Galaxy Note 7 owners have a discount to buy Note 8 Take it!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you were a former owner of a Galaxy Note 7 and thought you would not get a discount to own the most dangerous mobile in the world, let us say that you are very wrong. Samsung has proposed an excellent offer that is impossible to pass and is the following, last Wednesday announced the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and with this, announced a discount for having owned a Note 7.

These users will be able to obtain a Galaxy Note 8 for a discount of up to 425 dollars for the new purchase,  that means that considering their price of 960, they could leave to them to them less than half what you think ?  Undoubtedly is An opportunity that you can not miss and that is probably for a limited time. However, we have to point out that the agreement comes with warnings that you need to know.

How is the registration process and until when?

Samsug Galaxy Note camera

We have to emphasize that this agreement is only available to US users over 18 years. And the other countries? Samsung says that some countries will be included later, but that for the moment only the United States will enjoy this privilege. On the other hand, we do not have an official end date for the trade-in, but many sources say it will expire on September 30.

Another clear point in the agreement is the following, you must be a former owner of a Note 7 and you must confirm it with the purchase invoice or something that verifies that you are not lying. It is not uncommon that this point is involved, because we remember that Samsung is offering a discount of more than half. We recommend that you carry a copy of the original receipt, the supplier’s invoice, the credit card or the contract, any of them serve.

Also you have to take into account that the model and the name have to be well specified in the document and if not, you should contact the place where you bought it and ask for a proof of it or a detailed proof of the purchase .

Where can I buy my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 discount?

You can only buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 through Samsung and participate in the discount through its official website. That said, you can buy the Galaxy Note 8 discount at Samsung stores or go to the online store and buy it. Also, you have to create a free Samsung account, in case you do not have it.

After filling out all the required information and information, Samsung will provide you with a shipping label and instructions for sending your exchange device. On the other hand, you will have 15 days to complete the purchase, both to receive the shipping label and instructions and to send your Samsung phone.

In case you need a refund, the following will happen:

Galaxy Note 8 Accessory

It is true that Samsung is offering a discount of $ 425 to buy Note 8. However, we have to keep in mind that the maximum amount will only be given to people who have the high end phone in good condition as such and is For this reason we tell you not to expect a 100% discount if your mobile has broken screen. Want to know how Samsung thinks the device is in good condition?

  • It connects and loads.
  • It has the screen in good working order.
  • It has no cracks, tears or other visible defects that go beyond normal wear and tear.
  • It is not on a blacklist of any kind.
  • Has reactivation lock, Google factory reset protection or any.
  • Anti-theft lock software disabled (not to be stolen).
  • You must have performed a factory reset and removed all personal information from the device.

We must note that if you do not send any phone the price of Galaxy Note 8 will be processed completely and if the device you send is in very poor condition, Samsung will only reimburse 25 dollars. On the other hand, we advise that once you have restored the mobile you remove the accessories and make a backup of all the data to have a system reset.

In addition, Samsung is not ordering charger, SD card or any other accessory, so do not send it and keep it. Also, you have to keep in mind that this is not valid for phones that are still being paid or have a special payment. That is, you have to own the device and it has no promotion or you must pay the full price of Galaxy Note 8.

In addition, you can participate in the promotion prior to the order and is that initially Samsung was conducting a promotion for the early adopters of Note 8 and came in promotion with a card of 256 GB + a wireless charger or a camera Gear 360, You had the possibility to choose among those 3.

On the other hand, we have to mention that you can return your Note 8 and receive a full refund in case it is before 15 days of purchase. That said, you already know all the terms and conditions that Samsung has for you. Would you buy a Note 8?

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