Do not miss the first real image of the LG V30!

LG V30 filtered image
The LG V30 is the new hope of LG to overcome the poor economic results that have dragged a while. After months full of rumors about the specifications of the device, we can meet soon. On 31 August at the IFA 2017 in Berlin, the new Korean company’s phone will be officially presented. A time that many fans have been waiting for some time.

So in three days we will know everything about the LG V30. For what we do not have to wait three days is to know the first real-life image of the brand device. The first image of the new device has already been filtered. Do you want to see it? More then.

First photo of the LG V30

Thanks to this first image we can already have a clear idea about the design of the phone. LG has been showing some things, but the priority of the company has been to keep the smartphone secret as much as possible. Something that has certainly worked to make the user’s curiosity about this LG V30 increased significantly. What feelings does the real life of the phone leave?

Earlier we had commented that the design of the device had filtered. Almost two weeks ago the most recent leak. And it seems that these leaks have been most successful, since the design is very similar. The screen stands out for maintaining the almost total absence of edges. One of the trends we are seeing throughout this 2017, and not only in the high range. In the case of LG V30, you can see that the edges are mainly located at the top and bottom of the screen. Since on the sides there are hardly any. All this helps the phone feel like having a much larger screen (the angle of the photo helps too).

We can also see the USB port of the device thanks to this first image. Overall leave with good impressions. The design is clean and very current. Now, it is only expected that the specifications of this LG V30 accompany as well. Which is sure to be so. On Thursday we will know everything about the phone. What do you think about the first image of LG’s new high-end?


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